Summer Kindergarten and Primary/Junior School-Aged Program

Due to the limited space availability at Vance Chapman School, enrolment for this program will be determined after the “Summer Intent survey” (emailed to parents/guardians in early spring) results are reviewed.

The survey results will help determine how many spaces will be available for the upcoming summer.

Once the number of spaces is determined families will be notified of the availability of the spaces and made aware that they will be filled on a first come first served basis by returning the completed “Summer contract.”

The “Summer Contract” will be attached to the email.

The summer program is offered for children aged 4 years of age up to their 12th birthday.

Parents/guardians will receive a calendar of activities and events at the start of the summer program.

Parents/guardians may be requested to provide a peanut free “picnic” style lunch on certain days throughout the summer months which do not require preparation assistance from staff.

Parents will be notified of these dates, via the planning calendars, which parents will receive prior to the summer program commencement each year.

This is to allow for the program to be more flexible with their planning and allow for the group to participate in community field trips, picnics, etc.